WP4: Repair & Re-use networks and centres


This WP will carry the core development of the partnership: based on input from WP 3 (the good practice collection, the research of national framework conditions for re-use implementation and the stakeholder participations) and WP 5 (development of quality standards and accreditation system) it will develop modular concepts for the establishment and operation of accredited repair & re-use networks and centres based on the Waste Framework Directive (WFD). The models will be designed in a way that they can be easily adapted to different national and regional structures and needs.

A repair & re-use network will consist of municipal collection points for reusable wastes, repair and refurbishing businesses, re-use shops and a logistic coordination procedure. The network coordination should be carried out by the local or regional waste management authority, accompanied by appropriate communication measures and a quality management system (quality standards and accreditation system developed by WP 5).

Re-use networks are designed more for rural or provincial regions. Repair & re-use centres are bigger business units usually run by social or public organisations, for the collection, repair, refurbishing and sale of re-use products. Quality of all processes is secured by the accreditation system developed by WP 5. Re-use centres are designed more for denser populated centres of regions.
In some partner states pilot actions of regional re-use networks will be established.

Main tasks

– develop modular concepts for accredited regional repair & re-use networks
– establish pilot actions of accredited regional repair & re-use networks
– develop modular models for accredited (mostly urban) repair & re-use centres
– deliver the output knowledge to WP 2 for the tool box in the form of web based handbooks


Start: April 2011
End: July 2014