WP3: Stakeholder participation

This WP will identify and structure the framework conditions for re-use implementation in the partner states, make them available for the partnership, discuss opportunities for mutual learning from each other’s situation and visions and develop a common CERREC vision of implementing re-use in CE.

This WP will closely cooperate with WPs 4, 5 and 6: it will provide a horizontal information flow between partners and stakeholders, while WPs 4 – 6 are characterized by a vertical development of knowledge, products and outputs.

The main tasks of WP 3 are:

  1. Identifying national resources for implementing re-use in every partner-state and in CE in general.
  2. Identifying good practices in the partner states and also from European countries outside CE.
  3. Establishing national and/or regional stakeholder participations in every partner state with the aim of accompanying, evaluating and discussing the outputs of WPs 4 – 6 and the national implementation of the re-use requirements of the WFD, and lobbying for an ambitious implementation of re-use in the form of accredited re-use and repair networks and centres as developed in WP 4 using the accreditation system developed in WP 5.
  4. Ensure the transfer of knowledge and outputs of WP 4 – 6 to all partners to the national and transnational stakeholder participation processes for evaluation and discussion, transfer the results to WP 2 for dissemination.

WP 3 is the main glue of CERREC, it is a kind of transfer and exchange turntable for discussion processes, expertise, evaluation of development outcomes and internal communication. Main elements are the stakeholders. This WP ensures that CERREC outputs and tool will be broadly accepted and used after the project, which contributes to CERRECS main objective of fostering ambitious implementation of the re-use requirements of the Waste Framework Directive. Relevant results of the stakeholder participations and the tool box will be provided to WP 2 for external communication and dissemination.