WP2: Communication, knowledge management and dissemination


Communication, knowledge management and dissemination are a big challenge since it will influence and might even alter the course of action during project. Communication intends to promote 3 goals:

  • an ambitious approach of implementation of re-use by decision-makers,
  • increased demand of re-use products and
  • improvement of the image of these goods.

Since the implementation of re-use requirements of the WFD is new to the general public as well as to stakeholders and decision-makers, many target groups have to be addressed in specific ways and many obstacles might occur.

Overall two types of target-groups will be addressed:

STAKEHOLDERS interested in, related with or even opposed to re-use, decision makers, experts, officials, interest groups. Representatives of these target groups are included via the national/regional stakeholder participations of WP 3, the others will be addressed by events, website, newsletters and by an informal communication of CERREC.

THE GENERAL PUBLIC will be informed through media communication with the aim of building up awareness for re-use. Important is to address the local public of the regions of pilot actions with the aim to win them as long term customers.

A transnational conference on re-use with an expert exchange mart will be organised in Prague by the end of the project. All core outputs of WP 4 – 6 will be concentrated into a tool box, published on the website. This and other features of the web-site which are of interest after the project will be transferred to the permanent structure of the web based transnational exchange platform for repair & re-use , operated by a non-profit EEIG developed in WP 6.


Start: April 2011
End: July 2014