CZ Biom – Czech Biomass Association (Czech Republic)

The Czech Biomass Association (CZ Biom) is a non-governmental non-profit organization and professional association supporting the development of phytoenergy in the Czech Republic. CZ Biom is the Czech Republic’s biggest professional organisation engaged in the issue of using biomass in all its forms as an energy source.

CZ Biom consists of 5 sections emphasizing the major interests: phytoenergy, biogas, composting, biomass combusting, biomass production and information services. In addition to these major groups we also deal with topics as biowastes, recycling and renewable energy resources.

The Czech Biomass Association was established in 1994, CZ Biom employs ten experts and currently represents roughly 160 firms and members from the scientific and commercial community.

Mailing address: Opletalova 5/7, 111 44  Praha 1, Czech Republic

Contact person(s):

Jan Doležal
dolezal (at) cerrec (dot) eu
+420 773 796 380

Web: http://www.czbiom.cz/en