Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. (Hungary)

Institute of Logistics and Production Engineering, Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd.

The Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. was founded in 1993. It has 6 institutes (Institute for Materials Science and Technology, Institute for Biotechnology, Institute of Plant Genomics, Human Biotechnology and Bio energy, Institute for Applied Telecommunication Technologies, Institute for Logistics and Production Systems, Institute for Nanotechnology) and about 200 employees all over in Hungary and one of them is the Institute of Logistics and Production Systems (BAY-LOGI) which is in Miskolc. It is a non-profit institution and there are several fields of research have been started and strengthened, like Department of Environment Management and Logistics, Department of Materials Development, Department of Energetic, Department of Informatics, Department of Mechatronics, Department of Technical Risk Management, Department of Structural Integrity, Department of Planning Co-ordination.

Address: Iglói út 2, 3519 Miskolctapolca, Hungary

Contact person(s):

Zsolt István

Ernő Garamvölgyi

Web: http://www.bayzoltan.org