BAN Sozialökonomische BetriebsgmbH (Austria)

BAN „Sozialökonomische BetriebsgmbH” an social enterprise with limited liability was established in 1983 in the City of Graz. The main goal of the employment company is the reintegration of former long term unemployed people into the first labour market through temporary employment in a normal market situation.

The philosophy of BAN is based on the three pillars of sustainability:

Social pillar
BAN offers disadvantaged people an employment contract that is normally limited to 12 months and also gives assistance in kind of training and qualification for workers and employees, with the aim to place them in the open labour market after one year.

Economic pillar
BAN is selling its products and services on the free market and offers employment relationships under real economic conditions.

Ecological Pillar
To protect the environment the main activities here are based on the ecologic cycle “collecting-separating-recycling-reusing”.

Address: Ungergasse 31, 8020 Graz, Austria
Contact person(s): Sandra Meier
Contact e-mail: Sandra.Meier@ban.at
Phone: +43699 12182626

Web: www.ban.at