bag arbeit e.V.

Bag arbeit e.V. was initiator and founding member of the Reuse-Network, Brussels, and has since then been an active member in this association. Bag arbeit e.V. has about 400 member organisations and among them more than 60 enterprises dealing with reuse and recycling of mainly WEEE, textiles, furniture and household goods. In the past together with our member organisations we have successfully accomplished many national and transnational projects, workshops and events in order to develop and improve the enterprises abilities and opportunities in these fields.

Our associations department for labour and environment holds a lot of know how about legal, practical and scientific conditions on reuse of goods.

Address: Brunnenstrasse 181, 10119 Berlin, Germany 
Contact person(s): Martin Koch
Contact e-mail: koch@bagarbeit.de
Phone: +49(0)3028305812
Web: www.bagarbeit.de