ATM – Waste Management Association Mid-Tyrol Ltd (Austria)

ATM (Abfallwirtschaft Tirol Mitte GmbH) was founded in 1993 from two waste management associations of the districts Innsbruck Land and Schwaz in order to carry out the waste management affairs for their 104 municipalities. Actually 25 people are employed in the different sections.

The main tasks of ATM especially for their municipalities are administration of waste fees, environmental and waste consulting, public relation activities, conceptual designing and running of recycling centres and landfill sites. Additionally several projects and awareness raising activities in the field of waste avoidance and environmental protection are carried out on national and international level, e.g. the collection system for used cooking oil or the education services for pupils and professionals.

Address: Münchner Straße 22, 6130 Schwaz, Austria
Contact person(s): Christian Leonhartsberger
Contact e-mail: leonhartsberger@atm.or.at
Phone: +43 5242 62400-26

Web: http://www.atm-online.at