Re-use toolbox is a web based compilation with all important outputs of the CERREC project.  The aim of the toolbox is to assure the public access and availability of all CERREC core deliverables within and also after the project runtime.


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Implementation handbook for accredited repair and re-use centres and networks

Aim of this implementation handbook is to provide feasible guidelines and recommendations for the whole process chain from collection to retail for the different product categories to the whole process of building up re-use networks and network coordination for interested institutions, organisations and authorities.  The paper will discuss core elements for implementation activities describing scenarios, moduls, financial aspects, public relations as well as marketing strategies.


Quality Management Manual for the re-use process chain for repair and re-use centres and networks

This tool is intended to help repair and re-use centres and networks to establish a successful quality management system in their companies. With the quality management system the CERREC project has been introducing a flexible system that can be adapted to the national and regional framework conditions.


Summary Report on Re-use Framework Conditions Central Europe

A survey on the national backgrounds and actual situation concerning re-use in the participating countries have been conducted in the framework of the project. Legislation background, environmental issues, socio-economic considerations, education, state of the art, public awareness, economic and financial conditions with market potential of re-use are discussed in this summary.


Transnational Stakeholder Policy Statement

Transnational Stakeholder Policy Statement (TPS) presents a transnational stakeholder and expert consensus on how re-use should be further developed, implemented and fostered in Central Eurtope national practices. The TPS is based on the exchange of strategy and policy approaches, project output evaluation and detecting transnational synergy potentials, prepared in a transnational working process within the project’s Expert Advisory Board.