Here, you can download the CERREC documents:

Transnational Stakeholder Policy Statement of the CERREC project
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The CERREC project fosters the implementation of repair- and re-use centres and networks according to WFD 2008/98/EC where “preparing for re-use” is introduced and measures (implementation of re-use networks) are recommended.  The permanent structured and moderated transnational working process within the project’s Expert Advisory Board focuses on the exchange of strategy and policy approaches, project output evaluation and detecting transnational synergy potentials.
The aim of this transnational participation process is to reach a transnational CE stakeholder consensus on how re-use should be further developed, implemented and fostered in CE national practices. This consensus is retained in this Transnational Policy Statement document, that is also an orientation for further re-use policy continuation after the project.

If you agree with the Transnational Policy Statement, you can support this document and sign online our initiative here.


The brochure of the project present not only project activities, but also re-use topic in detail. You can find there more information about re-use in practice, legal backround or presentation of some re-use good practice examples. Every national version of the brochure brings also basic introduction of re-use in all participating countries.

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The poster contains basic information on the project.

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The first flyer is presenting the project CERREC, its main goals and the team. The flyer is available in all languages of project partners and in printed form too.

Communication plan of CERREC
2nd revised version
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The Communication plan creates a framework for other tasks within the project CERREC. It defines the major ponits of external and internal communication.
CERREC, 2013


Documents on re-use topic:

Guidance on the interpretation of key provisions of Directive 2008/98/EC on waste (EN)
The guidance is intended to assist both national and economic operators with EU waste legislation and proper implementation, application and enforcement of Waste Framework Directive.

Bulky Waste Guidance: Benefits of reusing & recycling bulky waste (EN)
Guidance about benefits of reuse and recycling of bulky waste to the local authority, the local community and the environment.
WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) | UK

WEEE Recast: The ‘preparation for reuse’ target and the role of accredited reuse centres  (EN)
Joint Summary Position Paper, 2011

The pursuit of quality in social economy (EN)
– Quality manual for reuse/recycling social enterprises
Caroline Beyne, RREUSE

Guideline for re-use of electrical and electronical equipment (DE)
Markus Spitzbart, KERP, 2009 | AT

Concept for the implementation of re-use in line with WFD 2008 in Austria  (DE)
Matthias Neitsch, Markus Spitzbart, Barbara Hammerl, Berthold Schleich, RepaNet, 2010 | AT

Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe (EN)
European Commision Paper, draft, 2011

Guidance on Applying the Waste Hierarchy
This Guidance on Applying the waste hierarchy is for any business or public body which generates, handles or treats waste. The guidance was prepared by the UK government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).
DEFRA, 2011 | UK