The Transnational Exchange Platform

December 16th, 2014

The Transnational Exchange Platform is one of the core output of the CERREC – Central Europe Repair and Re-Use Centres and Networks Project.
The very first nucleus of the platform was created in 2012 with the acquisition of the domain www.reuse-repair.eu. Over the months, thanks to the cooperation with project partners and the support of technical web experts, PP6 has produced the first draft of the platform, submitted to the partnership for comments and suggestions.


Picture: Website of the Transnational exchange platform, CERREC project (2014)

The Transnational Exchange Platform currently consists of three main sections:
1. Dissemination section, where all visitors can access valuable information on re-use and repair, the CERREC project, legislative provisions, the partnership and news, periodically updated, on conferences, fairs, etc.
2. Exchange section, where registered users can exchange services and products.
3. Forum section, where project partners, stakeholders and registered members can share and pool knowledge and information.
Information will be organized in TOPICS and POSTS, thus allowing a fruitful exchange of information. This section, as the previous one, is accessible upon registration.

The Transnational exchange platform for repair & re-use promotes:
1. Exchange of reusable wastes: placing offers of reusable waste that cannot be re-used within the region of origin but might be interesting for another region (this also concerns cross-border flows of reusable waste between “old” and “new” member states). This measure can optimize the collection rate of reusable waste in a region, the region can collect waste that can be used in other regions
2. Exchange of re-use products: placing demands for specific re-use products which cannot be served within one region but could be served by another region. This measure can also optimize the collection rate of reusable waste in a region, the region can collect waste and produce re-use products that can be sold in other regions
3. Exchange of used spare parts: especially in the field of repair of electric and electronic appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. due to low availability and high costs of new spare parts

Why you should become a member of the Platform? Because it is an added value to be a part of a community that share same goals and also because it is possible to use a user-friendly tool to link same actors with same interests.
Who is invited to join the platform?
o Procurement
o Online auctions and platforms
o Waste collection centres
o Private waste disposal companies
o Preparation for re-use facilities
o Social enterprises
o Manufactures
o Waste management and collection companies
o Private companies
o Municipal organisation
o Retail
o Second-hand dealers
o Private companies
o Flea markets
o Charity organisations
o General public interested in the topic (civil society, teachers, educational trainer, etc.)