Final General Transnational Meeting of CERREC

December 16th, 2014

After more than 3.5 years the Central Europe Project CERREC is coming to an end. The last months and years passed by quickly. At the final General Transnational meeting all nine project partners were looking back to a very successful implementation of project.


Picture: General Transnational meeting, Prague, Czech Republic (2014)

On the 5th of November the last GTM took place in beautiful City of Prague. The final meeting mainly addressed the final to-do´s to finish and close all work packages. Due to a smooth cooperation of all involved partners the project outputs have been fulfilled according to the work plan. In some work packages the aims could even be exceeded, e.g. carrying out pilot activities. According to the work plan in 4 regions of Central Europe pilot activities should be implemented. As the stakeholder participation process resulted in high interest pilot actions could have been initiated in almost every partner country through CERREC.

In general CERREC has developed the idea of “preparation for re-use” much further throughout the whole central Europe area. Therefore the EU-funds of in total 2.4 Mio Euro have been used in a very efficient manner. Results and outputs will now be sustained on the platform www.reuse-repair.eu and managed by the founded European Economic Interest Grouping of CERREC members.