Diverse options to foster re-use. CERREC project pilot activities

December 16th, 2014

During the CERREC project implementation we have seen several interesting pilot activities emerging in Central European cities and regions. For those who did not take part at the projects final conference (where we presented eight of them) we bring you short summary of selected initiatives from Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Czechia.


Picture: E-reuse project, Budapest, Hungary (2014)

E-reuse (Budapest)

As one of the main recyclers in Hungary, the Fe-Group PLC has relevant experience on collection/treatment of WEEE. On the consequences of preliminary economic calculations, in 2013, The FeGroup PLC decided to make a spin-off company for the activity of preparation for re-use as a pilot: the e-reuse Ltd. prepares mainly WEEE for re-use. Their activity is pioneer in Hungary covering the complete chain from taking over the WEEE to the supply of refurbished products. 2014 is a test period for their operation. In this initial phase they intend to fulfil the local demand on reusable items. Products are being sold after repairing, cleaning and safety checking. Products are available in their shop having option to book on-line on their web catalogue. 3-day or half year replacement warranty is given with their sold products depending on the selling price.

Number of the sales indicates increasing trends, positive public feedbacks, to which the proper marketing activity greatly contributes. The long-term goals of the pilot are to become industrial-wide dimension, to meet the needs at national level and to operate as an economical, growing business to achieve the goal of environmental sustainability.


The pilot experiment is a project called “CIT MA BON” (which can be translated as “small but good”). Its goal is to raise awareness on the topic of re-use, promoting it family by family. The project is a pilot activity presented within the network of CERREC in the framework of research to implement virtuous and replicable activities for the diffusion and promotion of the re-use culture and its integration in the management system of used material flows. The peculiar trait of this project is the idea of entrusting households with a commitment to define and test a door-to-door collection of used goods that escape separate collection but could be re-used. It is about the small and medium objects that because of their mixed material composition, would end up in the mixed good collection but which could become a resource if they were re-used.

The project is based on the recovery of specific parts of materials: those used goods that escape separate collection and could be re-used. Neither of these material types has traditionally been treated as general waste, but it has always been considered as re-usable material. It invites the citizens to consider whether some of these parts could still be re-used.

Mobile WEEE collection (Senec)

In cooperation with ENVIDOM (Collective Schemes of EEE Producers) and the municipality, the town of Senec realized the first pilot action in Slovakia. The main topic of the pilot action was the mobile collection of used electrical appliances. After promotion through information leaflets and through advertisement in local newspapers, we collected approx. 2,36 tons of WEEE and 0,84 tons of non-WEEE (EEE). Collective Schemes EN-VIDOM performed sorting of collected WEEE to directly reusable goods, non-reusable WEEE or for reusable goods after repair.

Results and numbers: after revision of 50 pcs of good condition EEE were suitable for direct donation 5 pcs, for donation after repair 6 pcs (costs for repair amounted 150 Eur) and 39 pcs were not suitable for donation. In total were donated for charity 10 % of EEE which were collected in Senec. From total of 50 pieces of electronic appliances we managed to immediately donate 5 pieces, 6 pieces after refurbishing and the rest, 39 pieces, had to be thrown away for recycling or other disposal.

Zdrojovna (Prague)


Picture: Zdrojovna, Prague (2014)

Zdrojovna is a creative community re-use center founded in Prague, Czech Republic. Quite fundamentally, it’s an alternative to scrap yards, where dysfunctional or broken things get simply thrown away. Our core belief is that things should be reused, again and again, while they are still able to fulfill a purpose. Zdrojovna is not just any old junk shop; apart from discarded things we provide our customers with space, tools, paints and the advice of experienced teachers, who help clients repair and redecorate old things themselves and breathe a new spirit in them.

This project contributes to the prevention of waste creation and leads people to the ideas of sustainable development and 3R principles. Zdrojovna also focuses on the integration of marginalized people, since the project gives them a chance to feel useful and accepted again. We actively cooperate with other Prague initiatives and companies that deal with recycling, sharing and public space activities.