CERREC project final conference in Prague

December 16th, 2014

The final conference of the CERREC project “Re-use in Central Europe – From Policy to Practice” was held on the 4th of November 2014 in Prague. The main aim of this conference was to present not only the current achievements reached within the CERREC project but also to focus on persisting challenges within the repair and re-use sector. In total more than 120 participants from various backgrounds decided to attend.


Picture: Matthias Neitch (RepaNet) giving his presentation at the conference, Prague (2014)

The first panel of a conference was dedicated to the re-use legislation and implementation of the Waste Framework Directive in member states. Whereas Michael Len was speaking about legislative process on EU level, Wolfgang Holzer showed us a different point of view, when describing the implementation processes of re-use legislation on a federal and regional level in Austria.

The second panel was more practically oriented than the first one as it introduced well established but also emerging re-use projects in the EU. Tim Wagendorp from KOMOSIE presented the advanced cooperation of non-profit organisations in Flanders which can be described as one of the most efficient re-use systems in Europe. KOMOSIE’s members employ more than 5 000 people. This cooperation, which has been flourishing for more than twenty years, has over the years led to exciting figures: 63 963 tons (10,07 kg per capita) of items were collected in re-use centres in 2014. 45 % of that amount was able to be repaired and sold in the network of Re-use shops (De Kringwinkel). Moreover, 97 % of inhabitants of Flanders recognize De Kringwinkel brand and 4,52 kg of reused goods were actually sold per capita. Thomas Anderer presented a similar project in Upper Austria, called Re-Vital, which used a different approach in selling re-used goods by working together with local retailers. Last but also very interesting presentation during the second panel was given by Ute Dechantsreiter and Andreas Lieberum from which is a fresh approach to re-use: Re-use of building components as a waste prevention during demolitions.

In the first part of the afternoon panel successful initiatives from Central Europe which were implemented within the CERREC project were shortly introduced: Re-Use box (Graz), e-reuse (Budapest), Rimini Riutilizza! (Province of Rimini), Zdrojovna (Prague). The second part of the third panel discussed remaining challenges in promoting re-use in the CE regions, such as differences in quality of waste collected in re-use centres between Western and Eastern Europe, accreditation mechanisms, action plans or Transnational Exchange Platform.


Picture: CERREC project final conference, Prague (2014)

The final conference of the CERREC project was a good opportunity for all stakeholders to meet and to share with each other and public their own activities within CERREC project. We hope all realized activities will continue even after the end of CERREC project and experience gained will help us to build less wasteful Central Europe.