3rd Expert Advisory Board Meeting in Innsbruck

June 5th, 2013

The EAB Meeting in Innsbruck

The 3rd Expert Advisory Board Meeting within the CERREC Project was held on the 13th of March in Innsbruck, Austria as part of the proceedings of the 5th General Transnational Meeting (GTM) of the CERREC project partners. In addition to representatives from each of the project partners, experts representing businesses, research institutions and public authorities from each of the CERREC partner states attended the meeting.

First and main topic discussed at the meeting was an update of the current progress of the good practice examples (available on the CERREC website) and the implementation of pilot actions in the partner states. It is worth mentioning that the number of started pilot actions has by far exceeded expectations. Also, the pilot actions have adapted different focuses and approaches showcasing the differences in the local framework conditions among the participating countries respective regions.

The second part of the EAB meeting was a workshop on quality standards and the accreditation system, which are being developed within the CERREC project to ensure legal compliance and quality requirements. The participants have discussed the connections between the CERREC developments and activities implemented by the European Commission through RREUSE and SENILAC (European standardisation commission). It was agreed that the project could profit from a closer link to RREUSE through an exchange of ideas and concepts and by inviting RREUSE members to the next EAB Meeting.

The last main discussed topics were the Transnational Exchange Platform for repair and re-use and the presentation of the finalised version of the Transnational Policy Statement. The current start-up version of the platform was presented along with the current platform concept. It was agreed that the platform should not primarily serve as a profit-maker but as a knowledge and networking base. Also, discussion about the need for the constitution of an international legal body, that will be running the platform after the end of the CERREC project, was held. The Transnational Policy Statement (TPS) was finalised and is now available for signing at the CERREC website – all partners and associates are encouraged to sign, promote and disseminate the TPS.

The next Expert Advisory Board Meeting will take place as part of the 6th General Transnational Meeting in Rimini from the 5-7th of November 2013.